Thembisa Mdoda: My private life is mine

Thembisa Mdoda (Supplied)
Thembisa Mdoda (Supplied)

Johannesburg- TV personality and actress Thembisa Mdoda has opened up about the challenges of being in the public eye. 

Earlier this year Thembisa found herself making headlines after reports surrounding the paternity of her children emerged. 

Despite the commentary surrounding the allegations, Thembisa has remained relatively silent on the issue, choosing to focus on her career instead. 

During an interview with The Juice recently, Thembisa explained that protecting her personal life is something she feels incredibly strongly about.

"The industry is very tough on women, who are under constant scrutiny for every bit of litter said out there. I mind my own business, thats why I can simply say that my private life is mine, and I will stand by that," she said. 

Thembisa explained that she refuses to defend whatever is being said about her and allow that type of negativity to enter her life. 

"I don't need to defend things because it will defend itself sooner or later. I can't bring negativity into my life, and bring people into my personal life and then cry wolf when I want to retreat into my shell. I need to be consistent in the way I lead my life," she added. 

Thembisa's way of dealing with public scrutiny or any challenge she deals with in life is turning to prayer. "I carry a bible in my bag and whenever something happens, I take it out and start reading so that I don't lose my mind or do something else," she said. 

The TV personality believes that by protecting her personal life, she is also separating her craft from the other aspects of life.

"I've learnt the hard way that I cannot control what people say or think, so I don't even try. I just live the best life that I can," added Thembisa.