Thembisa Mdoda: OPW is my dream job!

Thembisa Mdoda (Instagram)
Thembisa Mdoda (Instagram)

Johannesburg- It's been just over a month since Thembisa Mdoda took over the helm as Our Perfect Wedding presenter.

All eyes have been on Thembisa ever since it was announced that she would be taking over the role.

Speaking to The Juice about the past few weeks on OPW, Thembisa says it's been nothing short of a dream come true for her. 

"It's been an amazing and incredible journey so far, I actually didn't realise that it's my dream job until I got into it," she said. 

Thembisa, who is a hopeless romantic herself, says that hearing about the couples' love stories and watching two people in love take their vows amazes her.

Of course everyone knows that a wedding can also be quite stressful, especially for the bridal couple and family, who want everything to go according to plan. 

"It's incredibly stressful behind the scenes, running back and forth to capture every bit of the action. When something does go wrong or there's a fire that needs to be defused, I try to stay very, very calm and just be there to help remedy the situation in any way I can," she said. 

The Sunday night reality show has garnered a huge fan following among viewers, who have been known to place a lot of pressure on previous presenters. 

OPW owns social media every Sunday night making the Twitter trends list each week, with previous presenters often being criticised, and being on the receiving end of hate from viewers. 

"OPW is a beast on its own and to do it justice I needed to come in as Thembisa, and do this as honestly as I can. If I get the criticism I know I'm getting it as me, that my presenting is as honest as possible, and that I'm doing the best I can," she explained. 

Thembisa says that since joining OPW she has actually been getting a lot of support from women across Africa, which has been humbling. 

The bubbly mom of twin boys added that she simply has no space for negativity in her life, and has a zero tolerance approach to it. 

Did ya'll hear that Twitter trolls? Thembisa has no time for move along!