This is how Anele schooled a 'fan'

Anele Mdoda (Supplied)
Anele Mdoda (Supplied)

Johannesburg - If you're going to take on Anele Mdoda, you know you better be ready for the fight.

On Thursday night the radio and TV presenter took on a disgruntled 'fan' who tweeted her, calling her out for not taking a picture with him. Not just that, but he went as far as calling her a bitch. Of course the original has been deleted, but here it is...

But Anele was having none of it and immediately replied, explaining in length why she declined the picture. You see, Anele was at a home where people have been rescued from brothels. She called out the 'fan' saying that he was only there to hijack that moment.

Here's what she had to say:

The person replied, but made sure not to tag Anele in any of his messages...