Trevor Noah opens up about his ideal date

Trevor Noah (Instagram)
Trevor Noah (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Trevor Noah may be a taken man, but he still knows what he's looking for in a date.

The world-famous comedian recently stepped out with his new bae, Jordyn Taylor (more on the couple here), but has given us a taste of how their first date might have gone.

Talking to People US about his ideal date, Trevor says he is naturally attracted to funny girls and dates where the laughter just flows- because he's a comedian, you know.

"I think the best dates are dates where you get to talk or share something with the person," he says. "Comedy is often a great date for me because if you laugh at the same things, you find that you get along," he adds.

In fact, Trevor says the best place to take a date is to a comedy show- whether he's performing there or not.

"So you go to a comedy show, see what you both enjoy laughing at. You learn so much from the person just in that show. Then, afterwards, you go grab a drink and a meal and share more with each other. Those are my favorite dates, where you spend time learning the other person."

Thanks for the advice, Trev