WATCH: Khabonina's yoga trick goes wrong

Khabonina (Instagram)
Khabonina (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Mom always said that what goes up must come down...but we never imagined she was talking about Khabonina and her insane yoga moves.

Khabonina is known countrywide as one of the most flexible people in Mzansi. In fact, we're sure when you look up "flexible" and "yoga" in the dictionary, you'll find a nice big colour picture of Khabonina doing one of her trademark yoga moves. 

But what happens when one of those moves go wrong? 

We're not sure that we've ever dared to think of it. But when we came across this video on Khabonina's Instagram recently, our darkest fears were answered.

Okay, so good news: Khabonina is human like the rest of us! And, like us, she also sometimes falls at yoga. *relief*

But it seems that while we would probably be swearing in frustration at our failure, Khabonina has unearthed a gem of a life lesson from her experiences.

"One thing you must know ... I NEVER EVER GIVE UP !!! NEVA ! NEVA !!!!," she wrote next to the video of her falling.

So, don't give up, okay?!