What Idol’s winner Karabo is looking for in a lady

Karabo Mogane (Instagram)
Karabo Mogane (Instagram)

Johannesburg – Ladies, sit down and take note. We know what it takes to get with Karabo Mogane. 

After winning the latest season of Idols you can forgive Karabo for not having an awful lot of time for a romantic relationship. 

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’ll be looking for when he finally goes in search for Mrs Right. 

“At the moment there isn’t anyone special in my life, besides my family, but right now I’m focused on my career and dedicating all my time to that,” he tells The Juice in a chat recently. 

But what is on Karabo’s list for things to look for in a lady? You know, so you can see if you tick all the boxes.

“What I’m looking for in a lady is someone who is humble. Someone who is selfless and puts others first, at times. Someone who has a good heart and who wants to show love to other people,” he says.

“Someone who, when I’m not home, will open up the door and invite you in and give you something to drink or eat and chat until I get back. Someone who has a heart of gold,” he adds.

Karabo reveals that he is currently in talks to do a collaboration with US RnB star, Bebe Winans, and will be travelling to America next month to perform . 

Maybe he’ll meet his missus, then?

If not, we have a few friends who might be interested, Karabo...