Joost to block tell-all book

Pretoria - Joost van der Westhuizen will this week attempt to block the publication of a new book that is set to reveal intimate details of his stormy marriage to pop star Amor Vittone.

According to the Sunday Times, Joost’s lawyers will take the matter to the Pretoria High Court on Tuesday where they will argue that the book will endanger the life of their client, by raising his stress levels. He suffers from motor neuron disease. They will claim the former rugby star’s right to life should outweigh Prins’s right to freedom of expression.

The book, written by former Rapport gossip columnist, Gavin Prins, tells a torrid tale of love, jealousy and betrayal. It also tells of Joost’s wandering eye and Amor’s penchant for farting loudly. In the introduction, Prins says Joost helped to confirm facts during the writing process and Amor gave her blessing.