Is this the hottest criminal on earth? We say yes please!

He's so hot it's a crime!
He's so hot it's a crime!

Stockton – So on Thursday the Stockton Police Department in California posted a mugshot on their Facebook page of a suspect they arrested during a raid.

They do this on a regular basis, but this time they were in for a surprise!

The steamy mugshot of Jeremy Meeks, a convicted criminal, has since gone viral and by the time of writing this had received 33 464 likes and 460 shares on the social networking site.

The fact that dreamy Jeremy and three other men were arrested during a gun sweep did not deter his newfound fans from swooning over his stunning photo!

We know Jeremey is definitely guilty of one thing! Being superhot! Arrest us now and throw us in jail with him!

(Facebook/Stockton Police Department)

These are just some of the comments on the photo:

Shaylah Burrill wrote; “He'll need a pen pal ladies.”

Lorraine Mayfield wrote; “ This dude is going to have more visitor requests than Chris Brown!”

Sali Coleman wrote; “Was it for arson!?!...cuz I'm on fire! Lol”

But not everyone is as impressed by the hunky criminal:

Cherise Moreno wrote; “Really ladies? You admire this guy based on his looks? He is a convicted felon, arrested for another felony.”

Denise Hodgson wrote; “How sad that he chose a life of crime. He really could have done something more positive with his life.”

Angie Lovely Rosas wrote; “All you girls sound dumb and desperate! Who wants a no life like that get real and get over yourself there are plenty of good guys out there with colored eyes.”

He's also now officially an internet meme:


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