Reader review: <em>The Dark Knight Rises</em>

After watching second Batman instalment, The Dark Knight, it felt like I’d been holding my breath for the entire 150 minutes odd. The first thought I had was, how the hell is Chris Nolan gonna top that ?? Then I watched the teasers and the trailers for the third and final instalment and hope sprung forth eternal between my man boobs (this is approximately where my heart is).

I read on the SK website that the movies clocks in at a healthy 2 hours and 44 minutes. So you can expect 3 things, a monster headache, a sore ass and hopefully that wow feeling that should accompany the last (probably not – they’ll reboot it in 500 years-time) Batman movie.

The opening sequence is quite amazing, I keep expecting James Bond to make an appearance and save the day. Bane is cool, can’t hear a damn word he’s saying. Like that stupid floppy eared Jar Jar Binx character from Star Wars – had to watch that about 14 times before I could figure out what the hell he was saying !

Christian Bale hasn’t had much good press of late, courtesy of his temper and that he tends to come across as an arrogant butthole. Be that as it may, in Rises, he’s humble and down to earth, you can almost feel his pain at losing the love of his life (if you ask me Katie Holmes was way more attractive but that’s a science we’ll leave for another day). Alfred as always is brilliant with his witty comments.

One thing I love about the Batman movies are the insane toys that Morgan Freeman’s character creates for the Batman. This movie is no different. ‘This isn’t a car’ says the throat lozenge requiring Batman. Anne Hathaway of making my heart beat faster – notice how I did that – no ? Oh well, she was great, long hair, intense stares (why did she cut her hair afterwards and look like a boy with boobs at the launch – I ask with tears in my eyes).

OK, I’ve bored you enough, the movie is good, not great, good. It is epic in scope, with lots of familiar faces popping up all over the place. Some spectacular stunts, cool toys, bridges getting blown up. Bad guys doing the ‘holding the city to ransom’ thing and guys coming out from spending 3 months off underground and their hair hasn’t gown a millimetre – that annoyed me, but I digress.

Watch the conclusion to the trilogy, you won’t be disappointed.

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