4 things you should know about Matthew McConaughey’s secret YouTube channel

Cape Town – Internet detectives found Matthew McConaughey’s random secret YouTube channel.

A Reddit user first made the discovery on Thursday last week but no one believed him.

The disbelief was purely because of the fact that the channel had only had a few hundred views.

But lo and behold, there Matthew is on his verified YouTube channel chatting to his viewers.

Here are 4 interesting things we noticed about Matthew McConaughey’s YouTube account:

1. When you initially search for the channel, it states Matthew was active on the channel three days ago when in fact his last post was two months ago.

matthew mcconaughey

2. The channel was set up all of two years ago.

3. All the videos are devoted to create awareness and to encourage people to give back, aside from the two animated movie trailers.

4. The videos appear to be published towards the end of the year, closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas.