Camila Mendes opens up about being roofied and sexually assaulted in powerful interview

Camila Mendes (Photo: Splash)
Camila Mendes (Photo: Splash)

Cape Town – Camila Mendes may play the bold and dynamic Veronica Lodge on CW's Riverdale, but in her latest interview from Women's Health she opened up about a dark time in her life when she felt anything but.

Camila told the magazine's Sophia Kercher about an incident at University when she started getting teary-eyed.

"I had a very, very bad experience; I was roofied by someone who sexually assaulted me," she revealed.

The actress speaks of what it took to bring herself back from that dark time – she even got a tattoo to remind herself to always look for stability and a place to call home with words inked on her skin that read: "to build a home".

Camila has opened up in the past – she spoke to Shape in 2018 about her battle with bulimia.

"I realised that I have this platform, and young women and men who look up to me," she told the magazine. "And there is a tremendous power to do something positive with it."

Camila took to her Instagram sharing that she's thrilled to officially be a "healthy woman". "It took me a while to view self confidence as a product of physical & mental health, instead of appearance and thinness," she said.

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to spread that message; I could have used it way earlier in my life."


Compiled by Bashiera Parker (Sources: Women's Health, Shape)