Ewan McGregor's daughter denies blasting her dad in fiery comment

Cape Town - Ewan McGregor's daughter Clara appears to have blasted him for leaving her mother Eve Mavarakis in a fiery post on social media.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the 22-year-old shared a photo of her mom in a bikini on Instagram and left a fiery response to a comment that had everyone thinking she was referring to her father.

A fan commented on the picture: "Good to know you have the smoke show genes ... keep her away from your boyfriends"

Clara then responded, saying: "Nah I keep her away from asshole men who leave my goddess of a mother."


Fans were quick to assume she was referring to her father as Ewan and Eve's 22-year marriage came to an abrupt end in 2017 amidst speculation he’d embarked on an affair with his Fargo co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The co-stars later confirmed their relationship.

The comment has since been deleted and Clara took to Instagram Stories to set the record straight, People magazine reports.

Spread across a screengrab of an article, Clara wrote: "Let’s make one thing clear. I was not attacking my dad or calling him [an] asshole. I was simply saying she deserves someone who isn't one. Also this isn't news."

She added: "Fuck tabloids. Don't believe everything you read."