Here’s the truth about why Diddy crops people out of his photos

Diddy appears on The Ellen Show. (Screengrab: YouTube/TheEllenShow)
Diddy appears on The Ellen Show. (Screengrab: YouTube/TheEllenShow)

Cape Town – Diddy, who now also goes by the name Love, has finally revealed the secret behind the #DiddyCrop and #DiddyShop and it’s a massive plot twist.

ICYMI, there have been two main occasions in which Diddy has either cropped people out of a photo or even photoshopped people out of a photo.

Remember when Kendall and Kylie Jenner didn’t make the cut in his cool Met Gala snap and more recently when he photoshopped French Montana and Fabolous out of a photo taken at the Grammys?

Well, Ellen DeGeneres was on a mission to find out why the rapper cuts certain people out and surprise, surprise it’s not even Diddy who does the cropping and photoshopping.

“I take a lot of pictures with a lot of different celebrities 'cos we're all just family and stuff. And sometimes my photography editor, he doesn't let me know when he's taking people out of the pictures.”

Diddy added that he had absolutely no say and that it’s “just this young kid that works for me.”

Shame, the poor intern always gets the blame.