Kim Kardashian says removing Instagram 'likes' could be 'beneficial' for mental health

Kim Kardashian (Photo: Splash)
Kim Kardashian (Photo: Splash)

Cape Town – Instagram is considering removing their "like" feature – and Kim Kardashian is all for it.

According to Business Insider, the social media platform has been testing what the user experience would be like without the feature, believing it will do much in combatting mental health and societal pressure.

Many celebrities have spoken about mental health publicly and how social media plays a big part in lowering one's self-esteem. Some, including Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Millie Bobby Brown, have completely deactivated their accounts.

Kim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to talk about social media, and how disabling this particular feature will be "beneficial" to one's mental health.

On Wednesday, the reality star attended the New York Times' DealBook Conference, where she spoke candidly about the issue, reports People.

"As far as mental health... I think taking the likes away and taking that aspect away from [Instagram] would be really beneficial for people. I know the Instagram team has been having a bunch of conversations with people to get everyone's take on that and they're taking it really seriously, and that makes me happy," Kim said.

She added that while she's not too concerned about likes and comments, she worries about her kids. "What if one of my children was like one of my friends who wasn't as mentally strong..." she said. "That would really affect me."  

Compiled by Bashiera Parker (Sources: Business Insider, Channel24, People, Bang Showbiz)

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