Lamar Odom tests positive for cocaine as Khloe gives him an ultimatum

Lisa Maree Williams

Los Angeles - Lamar Odom has reportedly tested positive for cocaine.

The 35-year-old basketball star is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital after being found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada on October 13, following a four-day drugs and alcohol binge.

A source has now told TMZ that Nye County Sherrif's Department have obtained Lamar's blood test results, which indicate cocaine was in his body when he was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital.

According to the report, Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said if there was cocaine in his body then it's "distinctly possible" the star could be prosecuted for the use of drugs.

Lamar’s rehab recovery:

It was also revealed that Lamar will have to spend at least six months in rehab.

The star's basketball coach and close friend said it will be a "long road ahead" before he will be allowed home.

Former coach, Jim Harrick told America's TODAY Sports: "Obviously there is a lot of attention about all this but the thing to remember is that there is a long road ahead to rehabilitation.

"This is serious stuff. It could be six months or more for rehab and all that. We don't know what state his kidneys and lungs are going to be in."

Khloe’s ultimatum:

Meanwhile, Khloé has reportedly given her estranged husband an ultimatum following his collapse.

She may have called off the divorce but she hasn't completely forgiven and forgotten and has allegedly threatened to relaunch the divorce proceedings if Lamar shows signs of falling off the wagon again.

A source told TMZ: "Khloé is annoyed by people on social media who are calling her a naive for dropping the divorce.

"She knows better than anyone about Lamar's battle with drugs. Feelings aside, she's game to drop the divorce party because Lamar has no one else in his life to help him."

The insider added: "Lamar is on the Kardashian health insurance policy and he needs to stay on."