PICS: Quentin Tarantino gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Los Angeles - Quentin Tarantino received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday.

The legendary film director - whose credits include Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and Django Unchained - was joined by some of the cast of his latest movie The Hateful Eight, including his long-time friend and collaborator Samuel L. Jackson, for the ceremony in Hollywood, California.

The Walk of Fame already bears the names of some of the biggest names in the history of the entertainment business, including actors, musicians, directors and producers, among others.

Tarantino, 52, is widely recognised as one of the most influential forces in modern popular culture.

And his most recent project, The Hateful Eight, is considered to be one of his most ambitious movies to date.

Speaking about the film, Tarantino previously told Variety: "This movie deals with the Civil War and, in particular, its aftermath. All the characters are to one degree or another survivors of the war and survivors of the way their society had crumbled.

"The film almost plays like a post-apocalyptic movie to some degree, but instead of the Australian Outback (referring to the Mad Max movies), it all takes place in this icy, snow-covered wasteland. And the survivors of the apocalypse are all from societies that don't exist anymore. And they're all blaming each other for the apocalypse."

(Photo: AP)