Samuel L. Jackson caught in ugly Twitter spat for refusing rude requests

Samuel L. Jackson (Getty Images)
Samuel L. Jackson (Getty Images)

Los Angeles - Samuel L. Jackson refused to take a photo with a fan because he didn't say please.

The Hateful Eight star was slammed on Twitter by a DJ named Fitz for declining his request for a selfie, but the 67-year-old star then hit back to criticise the radio host for his lack of manners.

Fitz tweeted over the weekend:

In response, the actor posted:

Fitz then responded with:

To which Samuel replied:

Fitz then made a Facebook video to address the situation and claimed he was happy to have the Snakes on a Plane star swear at him.

He said: "I just had a big letdown of my life. There was no altercation. There was no situation.

"I just went on Twitter and I told Samuel L. Jackson, hey I couldn't believe how you treated one of your fans.

"If you're going to be told 'F you' on Twitter by anybody, it's awesome if it's done by Samuel L. Jackson."

Click here to watch the video.

And it seems the altercation could have a happy ending as the DJ has offered to raise money for a charity of the actor's choice.

In response to his video, Samuel wrote:

Fitz posted in reply: