The one important life lesson Seth Rogen learned from Kanye West

Seth Rogen on the cover of GQ magazine. (Cover: GQ/
Sebastian Mader)
Seth Rogen on the cover of GQ magazine. (Cover: GQ/ Sebastian Mader)

Cape Town – Seth Rogen is the cover star of GQ magazine's June/July issue and we are so here for it!

The comedian – probably best known for the "quasi-employed, stoned men-children he played in his 20s," as GQ's Caroline Mccloskey puts it – is way more than meets the eye and it shows.

Photographed by Sebastian Mader, Seth is the epitome of style in his GQ cover shoot, proving that he can still get high, make crude but funny jokes and look good doing it.

But it's not only his glow-up catching attention.

In his cover interview the Long Shot actor speaks about how he is quietly and very humbly taking over Hollywood by embracing all the avenues he can, but still making sure he doesn't spread himself too thin – something he says he learned from Kanye West.

"I look at Kanye, for example, and I remember the truth is at first, people were like, 'Why you making shoes, man? Just make music.' And his shoes are great. People love them. He's made Adidas billions of dollars.

"So, there is something to be said for staying in your lane, but sometimes people do really great outside of their lane," Rogen said.


He adds that seeing how Kanye continues to share his new ideas regardless of what avenue and materialise them is something he internalises.

"It's something that I look at with myself: How much do you expand? How much do you try new things? How much do you spread your wings, or how much do you stay in your lane? It's a constant modulation."