WATCH: Months after the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal Jordyn Woods clears the air, takes a lie detector test

Jordyn Woods (Facebook/'Red Table Talk')
Jordyn Woods (Facebook/'Red Table Talk')

Cape Town – A cheating scandal rocked the Kardashians earlier this year when rumours started circulating that Jordyn Woods slept with Tristan Thompson, who was Khloé Kardashian's boyfriend at the time.

Khloé and Tristan share one-year-old True, and Jordyn was childhood friends with Kylie Jenner, which meant she had a very close connection to the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Jordyn went on to Red Table Talk, the web television talk show hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith with Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris, to clear the air. Though Khloé didn't believe Jordyn, accused her of breaking up her family, and said she never apologised for what she'd done, Jordyn maintained that she never slept with the NBA player.

"Never. Never a thought, never a consideration, never happened and never will I," she said at the time. "And that's why I'm willing to be put up to the test. Attach me to a lie detector, whatever it is, I need people to know the truth, and more importantly, I need people involved to know the truth."

Now, after fans asked if she ever did take that lie detector test, Red Table Talk released the polygraph, that Jordyn actually did take back then, by her choice. Right before the test, Jordyn reiterated, "I just want everyone to know I'm telling the truth."

"Did you have sexual intercourse with Tristan Thompson?" the polygraph examiner asked Jordyn. "No," she responded.

After completing the two-hour process, the examiner revealed Jordyn had passed.

After the snippet, in a segment, Jada and her mom, Adrienne, spoke about the incident. "This could have destroyed her reputation and her career," Adrienne said, "and she didn't allow that to happen.

"You get her story, their story, and then there's the truth. So what we hope is the truth – the whole truth – actually comes out."

Before the episode ended, Adrienne cleared one more thing up.

"There were a lot of untruths that were put out there," she said. "One of them was that there wasn't an apology from Jordyn. From the text messages that I saw that that was not necessarily the case.

"So don't be editing this out of the show, because that's important," she instructs Jada.

"There's always more to the story."


Recently, Khloé wrote in a lengthy post that she decided to forgive both Tristan and Jordyn. "I have chosen to NOT pollute my heart and my energy by holding onto anything negative," the reality star said.

Fans were quick to point out a supposed response from Jordyn who posted a quote on social media about people "discussing the old you because they don't have access to the new you".

But Jordyn cleared the air once again tweeting that "not every quote that is posted is a sub or a 'clap back' and not everything posted is directed towards one person in general". "I deal with a lot of different shit daily. It's all love. Only positive vibrations," she said.

Compiled by Bashiera Parker (Sources: Channel24, Red Table Talk, E! News, Twitter)

(Photo: Facebook/Red Table Talk)