Captured on camera: The moment Meghan breaks away from the royal entourage to meet a local girl in the crowd

Meghan Markle receives a gift from Taya and Tam Liebenberg in Cape Town (Photo: Channel24/Bashiera Parker)
Meghan Markle receives a gift from Taya and Tam Liebenberg in Cape Town (Photo: Channel24/Bashiera Parker)
Bashiera Parker

Cape Town – Before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left District Six in Cape Town on Monday, Her Royal Highness let go of Prince Harry’s hand, ran over to a little girl in pink before giving her a tight squeeze.

It was a sight to see and a moment Taya, and her mom, will never forget.

Meghan Markle, Taya and Tam Liebenberg

('THANK YOU SO MUCH': The Duchess recieves a gift from Taya Liebenberg. Photo: Bashiera Parker)

"We’ve been so excited for the royals to come. We were so excited for the last few months – we couldn’t wait for them to get here," Tam Liebenberg said. She was holding Taya who was wearing a bright pink t-shirt and had a Wonder Woman tiara painted on her forehead.

"They came out, and then I just started calling to Meghan, and I tried to get my little girl to call to her as well. She was on my neck when we tried to get her attention. And then she looked up, and my little girl was holding the teddy and the flowers.

"It’s a bit of a blur what happened," Tam admitted. She says she may or may not have started crying.

"She took the flowers, and I couldn’t really see the interaction between her and my little one. I just heard her go 'Thank you so much', and I think she gave her a squeeze."

"It was very overwhelming but so special," she said of the moment, before talking about Taya’s gift to the royal family.

"She thought it would be something special from Africa to give to Archie," Tam said of the handmade teddy bought specially for the littlest royal from the Hout Bay market.

Taya was too shy to talk, but she was so kind as to show me the picture she drew before she made her way down Buitenkant Street with her mom.

It was of Prince Harry – she didn’t forget his red hair – and Duchess Meghan holding baby Archie. The Duke and Duchess both had crowns on their heads, and she signed the card, "Taya, xxx."  

Taya and Tam Liebenberg

Taya and Tam Liebenberg

(IT WAS A GOOD DAY FOR THE LIEBENBERGS: Taya's drawing of Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and baby Archie. Taya and her mom, Tam making their way home. Photos: Bashiera Parker)

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