Queen Elizabeth was such a big fan of this famous band, she even requested to meet them

Queen Elizabeth. (Photo: Getty/Gallo Images)
Queen Elizabeth. (Photo: Getty/Gallo Images)

Cape Town – Fred Astaire, show tunes and a hymn here and there – those are the kinds of songs Queen Elizabeth listens to, according to BBC, when they revealed and described Her Majesty's taste in music to be rather "mainstream" in the documentary Our Queen: 90 Musical Years.

One artist they didn't include in the top 10 songs the queen loves listening to though, is one of her all-time favourite secret bands – Wham!

The Last Christmas hitmakers' manager, Bryan Morrison, recently revealed in his posthumously published memoir, Have a Cigar!, that the queen asked to meet lead singer, George Michael and his bandmates at a polo match at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor in June 1985.

"Through an emissary, I learnt that the Queen had heard that I was managing and publishing Wham!," he wrote, "and that she would like to meet them."

"To my amazement, on greeting them, the Queen knew all of their hits and spent a great deal of time listening to their exploits."

George Michael recalled their meeting with the queen. According to Mirror, he said, "She was really very sweet. And small."

Picture this: Queen Elizabeth II, rocking out in the halls of Buckingham Palace in a bright yellow skirt suit, to the sounds of none-other-than everyone's favourite bop, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

Ah, what a sight to see!