WATCH: Prince Harry joins Jon Bon Jovi in studio!

Prince Harry and Jon Bon Jovi (Photo: Getty Images)
Prince Harry and Jon Bon Jovi (Photo: Getty Images)

As he so cheekily teased, Prince Harry really did join Bon Jovi in the studio on Friday – and he shared another snippet on Instagram of the much-anticipated meeting!

In case you missed it, the Duke of Sussex is collaborating with the Bon Jovi frontman to re-record the band's 2019 hit song, Unbroken, for the 2020 Invictus Games set to take place in May 2020.

Harry previously teased "Don't expect me to sing... BUT I'll give it a shot" in a text conversation with the 57-year-old, so when he shared a video on Instagram of the two in the studio he captioned the clip, "I said I'll give it a shot."


"Stay tuned for more to come later..." he added.

Prince Harry, Jon Bon Jovi

(THAT ICON ABBEY ROAD BEATLES COVER: Prince Harry poses with Jon Bon Jovi and members of the Invictus Games Choir on the zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios. Photo: Getty Images)