Crazy movie stunts - only for the brave

Los Angeles - The life of a stunt double is one of the most hazardous in the movie business, except for the actors who do their own stunts. Jumping off buildings, facing off with deadly creatures and whatever else the twisted mind of the director come up with. But what stunts are considered the most insane?

Live and Let Die - The Crocodile Bridge:

James Bond is known for his dare-devil escapes, and jumping on the backs of crocodiles was probably the cheesiest scene ever and have been mocked in movies since. But for the stuntman the scene was no laughing matter, who not only managed to do it once but had to do it 5 times!

The Amazing Spider-Man - Web Slinging:

Most assumed that Spidey's web-slinging was done with some fancy CGI and green screen. Unlike its predecessor, the Spider-man reboot filmed various stunt men - sometimes lead actor Andrew Garfield himself - swinging from various wires and creating realistic web swinging scenes with little CGI. The director's cred also went swinging up and up.

Ben-Hur - The Chariot Race:

The famous chariot race from Oscar-winning Ben-Hur has been marred in controversy and urban legends since its inception, the most famous myth relating to a stunt-double actually dying in the scene. It is believed that the part where a stuntman seemingly gets run over by the chariots was real, showing an on-screen death. This however has been proven false, but the scene is still counted as one of the best, most insane stunt scenes in movie history. No wonder it sparked legends.

Jackie Chan:

You can't even choose which stunt of famous kung-fu star Jackie Chan is the most dangerous. The guy has probably broken every bone in his body and even has a hole in his skull. The fact that he comes up with the stunts himself just shows that he and Death are pretty good pals.

Batman: The Dark Knight - Truck Flip:

In an edgy reboot like this one, you expect some edgy stunts. And Christopher Nolan pulled out all the stops. Like Batman stopping the crazy Joker in his truck. The most insane part? There was a stunt man in the driver's seat when the truck got flipped. That man deserves a Bells...

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark - Truck Chase:

Harrison Ford might have done a lot of the stunts himself, but even the great Indy wasn't balsy enough hold on for dear life underneath a moving truck and then trailing behind it on rough terrain. The man-with-balls-of-steel who did the stunt only agreed to do it under the condition that he chooses the driver. Stuntmen can be so diva sometimes.

Now that you know in how much danger stunt men put themselves in danger for your entertainment, you will start reevaluating your comments about CGI and green screen:

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