Bribery, corruption and tons of money: Meryl Streep is about to take down scammers in new movie

Meryl Streep in 'The Laundromat.' (Claudette Barius/Netflix)
Meryl Streep in 'The Laundromat.' (Claudette Barius/Netflix)

Cape Town – Meryl Streep has a score to settle with a pair of scammers in her new film, The Laundromat.

Based on some real shit according to the trailer released by Netflix on Wednesday, the Academy-Award winner plays Ellen Martin, a widow whose dream vacation takes a wrong turn.

As she starts investigating a fake insurance policy, all her leads trace back to a Panama City law with founding partner Jürgen Mossack (Gary Oldman) and Ramón Fonseca (Antonio Banderas) who have a vested interest in helping the rich get richer.

The film directed by Steven Soderbergh also stars David Schwimmer, Will Forte, and Sharon Stone.


Compiled by Leandra Engelbrecht. (Sources: Netflix)