Henry Cavill is stunt training for Bond

Cape Town - Henry Cavill is reportedly training to be a stuntman in order to improve his chances of landing the role of James Bond.

Cavill auditioned for the role but lost out to Daniel Craig in 2006.

With Bond 25 rumoured to be Craig's last outing in the role Cavill is campaiging to be the next Bond. (Read more here)

According to BangShowiz the Superman actor believes that being a qualified stuntman will give him an edge over other actors vying for the role.

While he prepares to be the next Bond, Cavill can be seen in Mission: Impossible - Fallout in which he plays CIA assassin August Walker.

Cavill shared a clip of his character on Instagram. Alongside the video he wrote: "August Walker was a constantly evolving character that gets into some tricky and very exciting spots! I've kept the details of him under my hat for a long while but now the time has finally come for you all to see just how well Ethan Hunt and August Walker get along."