Jessica Chastain spooked after horror movie

Jessica Chastain  in Crimson Peak. (Universal Pictures)
Jessica Chastain in Crimson Peak. (Universal Pictures)

Los Angeles - Jessica Chastain had to take time off after filming Crimson Peak.

The 38-year-old actress admits shooting the upcoming Gothic horror movie, in which she plays a sinister woman with a twisted secret, had a huge impact on her and she pulled out of another movie to get over it.

She said: "On set, I said to Tom Hiddleston, her co-star, 'I don't understand why everyone tells me playing the villain is fun!' I was so depleted, I had to leave my next film and take time off.

"I'm just starting to feel like myself again. This is definitely the darkest character I've ever played."

Jessica has never been a huge fan of horror movies.

She explained to Us Weekly: "I saw The Exorcist when I was young and I remember crawling into a foetal position... with a blanket over me. At that point, my mom knew, 'Oh, maybe she can't handle these movies.' But that was the first one that really took hold."

The star is planning "to look at some more positive characters to play" in the future, but has some happy memories from being on the set in Canada.

She said: "I had about 12 people fly to Toronto for the weekend for my birthday. We had dance parties, sang karaoke and played Ping-Pong! It was the best birthday ever."

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