PICS: Anne Hathaway finally shows up on the set of Ocean's Eight

Cape Town – The Ocean's Eight cast and crew have taken over the streets of New York.

Filming for the reboot is in full swing and the main stars have been spotted in character. (Read more here)

And by the looks of it these ladies are going to pull off the perfect heist dressed to the nines.

Up until recently the only cast member yet to join the cast was Anne Hathaway.

We weren’t the only ones waiting for her appearance, Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock were joking around on set with a mask of Anne.

They even 'shared a kiss'. 

Anne has finally joined the party and from the first pictures it looks like she's the showstopper. 

See the pics here:

Details of the spin off remain under wraps, but in a recent interview Matt Damon revealed that he is doing a small part in the film. 

He also said that the cast is phenomenal and that the movie is going to be fun. 

We can't wait!