Two SA legends to star in new Afrikaans flick

Marius Weyers and Sandra Prinsloo in Twee Grade van Moord. (Photo supplied)
Marius Weyers and Sandra Prinsloo in Twee Grade van Moord. (Photo supplied)

Johannesburg - South African film Twee Grade van Moord (Two Degrees of Murder) sees the onscreen reunion of two of South Africa’s most loved and respected actors, Sandra Prinsloo and Marius Weyers. 

It releases nationwide on 22 July 2016. 

Twee Grade van Moord is set in Cape Town and directed by Gerrit Schoonhoven. 

Aleksa Cloete (Sandra Prinsloo), a well-known Cape Town psychologist, has authored a bestseller, Love Doesn’t Hurt, but despite her long and happy marriage to husband Ben (Marius Weyers), she has an entirely intellectual view of love. 

Their only child Christiaan (Roelof Storm) was forced, while growing up, to find much needed nurturing from his ‘second mother’, loyal housekeeper Fy Abrahams (Shaleen Surtie-Richards).

When Aleksa agrees to take part in a reality-style documentary about her breakthrough therapeutic work with women who confuse pain with love, one of her patients, Tanya Basson (Hilda Cronje), agrees to be the case study. Ben suffers a debilitating heart attack and Tanya arrives at Aleksa’s home with the news that she has killed her boyfriend during a heated row. Aleksa realises that she has misjudged the severity of Tanya’s emotional state and, at the same time, Ben tells her that he has reached a life-changing decision about the destiny of his own life. 

As the story unfolds, Aleksa is forced to question her integrity and confront her ability to make sacrifices for the people she cares about. Ultimately, she has to confront the question: "What would love do now?"

"Prinsloo and Weyers, both extremely accomplished and talented performers, shine in what is a complex, profound investigation into the nature of love," says Helen Kuun, CEO of Indigenous Film Distribution.

Producer Strick adds: "They have appeared in only four films together, including the world famous The Gods Must Be Crazy in 1981. They last appeared in a film together in 1989, making Twee Grade van Moord a long overdue cinematic reunion for them and a marking a milestone in South Africa’s cinema history."