WATCH: 10 things you missed in 'Joker'

Joaquin Phoenix in 'Joker.' (Warner Bros)
Joaquin Phoenix in 'Joker.' (Warner Bros)

SPOILERS AHEAD: If you haven't seen the Joker yet stop reading now. 

Cape Town - Despite the controversy Todd Phillips' Joker had a record opening at the box office this weekend.

The film starring Joaquin Phoenix as the titular character raked in $96.2 million domestically and $151 million overseas reports, The Hollywood Reporter.

In this video Mojo looks at 10 things you might have missed - from nods to The Killing Joke, to the significance of Zorro, to blink-and-you'll-miss it cameos, to references to other Todd Phillips films.


Compiled by Leandra Engelbrecht. (Sources: The Hollywood Reporter)