WATCH: Frank Opperman talks about kissing Anna-Mart van Der Merwe

Frank Opperman. (Channel24)
Frank Opperman. (Channel24)

Cape Town – Veteran actor Frank Opperman stars in the romantic comedy, Dis Koue Kos, Skat, alongside Anna-Mart van Der Merwe.

Based on the popular novel by Marita van der Vyver the story centres on Clara Brand (van Der Merwe).

After she discovers that her husband (Deon Lotz) is cheating on her with a friend and colleague, her life crumbles. Following advice from her best friend, Clara decides to start over and packs her bags and moves to Cape Town with her two kids.

There she meets Ari (Opperman) a chef who owns a restaurant, who she starts a relationship with. 

We sat down with Frank and the co-writer/director Etienne Fourie to talk about the movie.

Frank also tells us about his most memorable scene. 

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Dis Koue Kos, Skat opens in cinemas on Friday, 26 August.