WATCH: This local comedy thriller looks delightfully quirky

Lizz Mering in Hoener Met die Rooi Skoene. (Photo supplied)
Lizz Mering in Hoener Met die Rooi Skoene. (Photo supplied)

Cape Town - The official trailer for the new Koos Roets movie, Hoener Met Die Rooi Skoene, has just been released.

It’s not a children’s movie or a fairytale; neither a drama, but a thriller-comedy from the renowned director and producer.

The film centres on Bonnie, a receptionist at the internationally acclaimed De Waal Theatre Group. 

Her boss, the successful, but unpopular businessman and impresario, Du Toit de Waal (Deon Lotz), is murdered and she discovers him on the office table behind her with a dagger in his back. 

She phones the police and then goes closer to the body to inspect the situation. And of course, she collapses, as she always does. She is woken by the flashlight of Constable Mickey Mentz (André Weideman), only to discover that the body is nowhere to be seen.

The perfect setting for a “who did it?” murder mystery filled with unexpected moments of laughter, twists and turns, orchestrated by Bonnie, her parrot Napoleon and the irritable, flammable, moody inspector Captain Hendrik Greyling (Louw Venter).

When all the characters and their dirty secrets are brought together for cross examination, weird and wonderful secrets are revealed.

Watch the trailer here:

The film releases in cinemas on 27 January 2017.