Gemini Man

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Will Smith in Gemini Man.
Will Smith in Gemini Man.
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Gemini Man




2/5 Stars


Henry Brogan is an elite assassin who’s suddenly targeted and pursued by a mysterious young operative who seems to be able to predict Brogan’s every move.


The main appeal of Gemini Man is to see action-superstar Will Smith pitted against a younger, faster more brazen version of himself.

Will Smith takes on dual roles as both 51-year-old retired government assassin Henry Brogan, and younger cloned-self assigned to kill him.

When Henry uncovers government secrets, he suddenly finds himself hunted down by a mysterious killer, who can predict his every move.

Fellow agent-on-the-run Danny Zakarweski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) determines the reason Henry can't seem to shake off the strange gunman - because they are the same person!

Together Henry and Danny set to uncover the origin of the clone and put an end to an illegal government experiment.

The de-ageing and deep-faked related effects, although impressive, aren't always perfect, making the viewing experience at times less exciting.

There are several high-stakes action sequences, enhanced by computer-generated imagery and the film being shot digitally at an extra-high frame rate of 120 frames by second.

The camera work is fast, and all about speed. But when it all comes together, the actor's natural talent and abilities get lost within the movie magic.

Often instead of making the stunts being perceived as real, it comes across less convincing. Especially when looking at the high-speed car chases, and motorcycle tricks.

I would rather see a movie in 2D than 3D. The 3D experience tends to fall flat, more often than not and takes away from my overall viewing experience. The composition appears off, I'm disorientated, and the screen appears incredibly dark. And this was once again the case with Gemini Man.

What was frustrating is that the climax of the movie takes place at night. When our heroes, as well as the bad guys, wear black and drive black SUV's in the dead of night, it's hard to consume all the finer details.

Special effects aside, the plot was pancake thin and predictable and could be compared to your run-of-the-mill action flick. I enjoyed the supporting character's funny one-liners, giving us a break from the tense moments onscreen.

I am a bit disappointed, especially when knowing that the film was 20 years in the making.

The topic of cloning and AI is an important issue, and I would have liked the see a deeper delve into the ethical and policy issues that surround human cloning.

If you are a fan of Will Smith, you will get a kick out of seeing the actor facing off against his younger self, and if you are in the mood for a brainless delight, give it a go. 


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