Resort to Love

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Christina Milian in Resort to Love.
Christina Milian in Resort to Love.
Photo: David Bloomer/Netflix


Resort to Love




3/5 Stars


After a career meltdown, aspiring pop singer Erica lands a job at a luxurious resort in Mauritius. She soon discovers that it requires her to sing at her ex-fiancé's wedding, who she still has feelings for. 


After the tough year we have had because of the pandemic, I'm sure most of us would rather be at a scenic resort in Mauritius. But because we don't have that option, we have to settle for the next best thing – a film about a resort in Mauritius. And that is what Resort to Love does well, it offers a form of escapism while still being extremely enjoyable.

Resort to Love follows Erica (Christina Milian), who is about to get her big break when she features on an album of a famous rapper. But when the eccentric rapper decides not to release the album, Erica is back to square one. Still upset about her fiance walking out on her a month before her wedding, a year ago, Erica starts to spiral out of control until her friend Amber (Tyberlee Hill) finds her a job singing at a resort in Mauritius. After getting over the first hurdle of singing at weddings, Erica starts to enjoy her time on the island until her ex shows up. Jason (Jay Pharoah), Erica's ex, is getting married to Beverley (Christiani Pitts), who he met shortly after leaving Erica. Jason never told Beverley about Erica, and so naturally, Erica is expected to sing at their wedding, and Beverley instantly tries to befriend her.

To make things even more complicated, Erica has good chemistry with Jason's brother, Caleb (Sinqua Walls), who she never met when they were dating because he was in the military. Also, Erica and Jason have some unresolved feelings because they never really spoke about why Jason left. And, of course, there are the usual hijinks with the resort staff and Jason's overbearing mother, who does not believe any woman is good enough for her boy.

The production team behind Resort to Love previously produced another Netflix romantic comedy, Falling Inn Love which also starred Christina Milian. This is a good thing as the team seems to play well to Milian's strengths. She is comedic without seeming silly; her character grows and deals with her setbacks without appearing annoying or unrealistic. She sets a good balance, and the rest of the supporting cast follows her lead. No matter how funny or charismatic they are, they don't take attention away from our main character. Milian has also found a good niche with the Netflix rom-com genre, like Vanessa Hudgens and Kat Graham before her; she seems to be having a good time and still producing entertaining work.

In the same way, the supporting cast also helps to make the story engaging and fun. Jay Pharoah is perhaps the most well-known of the cast, having been a cast member on Saturday Night Live. And Pharoah does a great job playing Jason, a man who is caught between his past and his future. And even though I did get frustrated at his inability to make a decision, the character seemed sincere. Sinqua Walls as Jason's brother, Caleb, was incredibly dreamy, and I wished that there was more about him in the film and less about Jason. However, I hope this will be a good springboard for him to be featured as the romantic lead in more films. Christiani Pitts as Beverley was also perfectly cast because as Erica's rival, one would expect to have some animosity towards her, but Pitts is so sympathetic in the role without being pathetic that you root for her; I kind of wanted Erica and Beverley to both ditch Jason and become best friends.

The one thing that you can't avoid about these films is that they are predictable. We have some idea of how the plotline is going to go after about 30 minutes in. But there is comfort in the predictability and the familiar that even though we know that Erica will soften when Beverley is talking about her relationship with Jason, or what's going to happen when Caleb stays the night at her place, we are still enjoying watching it happen.

Resort to Love is exactly the type of low stakes, fluffy romantic comedy that you think it is, so if that is what you are in the mood for, it will be right down your alley. However, if you are looking for something a bit heavier or with an ending you would not expect, perhaps give this one a miss.


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