Erykah Badu - New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh

Musically it's less experimental, less trippy, and like her marketing ploy, sexier, than part 1. But it's sexier in the way that a black widow that eats the bastard after sex is sexy. When Erykah sings "I wait on your doorstep" or "I’ll cook like your mother", she's mocking the "Let-me-lick-your-feet just-give-me-all-your-money" R&B that clogs up our airways like musical puss.

It's not called "Fall in Love" - it's called "Fall in Love (your funeral)". And it sounds dangerously smooth, dangerously stylish and surprisingly sweet. It's a vicious note to the establishment, and she somehow has managed to slide it under the producers' door.

For fans of Jill Scott and intelligent jazzy hip hop with a retro feel and theme that reference Roberta Flack and Billie Holiday, this is essential listening. Don’t be put off by the self-important title, or the fact that intellectually bankrupt crap like Rihanna’s latest always sells better.