Letta Mbulu - Culani Nami

Along with her equally famous hubby, Caiphus Semenya - Letta Mbulu has kept the romantic Afro-pop fire burning for years. When you hear of these two you, know for sure what you’ll be getting more than music that makes your sorrow go. Expect traditional Afro-rhythms, jazzed up with wholesome lyrics all delivered with pure love. Semenya is a superb arranger and complements Letta’s distinct and richly textured vocals with melodic synthetic strings, vibrant marimba, drums and his warm vocals on “Themba Lami”. Acclaimed jazz pianist Themba Mkhize, accomplished jazz guitarist Louis Mhlanga and popular percussionist Tlale Makhene add their musical genius to Letta’s latest offering.

You’ll definitely be singing along to “Madulo”, “Themba Lami” and “Minha Roupa/Ka Meropa”. Culani Nami is a must have for the old school fans and a reminder for the new school Afro-jazz musos of how to keep their head and shoulders above the mainstream.

-Gugu Mkhabela