5 reasons why teen girls love Justin Bieber

The fact is that teen girls love Justin Bieber.

I have never seen an entire population of crazed, love-struck teens screaming their lungs out with tears in their eyes for a cute, petite pop artist with good vocal and dance abilities to top it all off.

And I find it even crazier that they know every single detail about his life, like the names of his siblings and his height. Just by the way, he’s slightly taller when you include the height of his hair. I’m indebted to my teenage sister’s friends for this bit of info.

Now that Justin is en route to SA for his Believe Tour, I made it my mission to find out why teen girls love him so much. Why is it that teen girls weep their eyeballs out when Justin is in close proximity to them? Why is it about him that attracts them to him like bees to a honeycomb?

These questions led me to take my notepad, my Sherlock Holmes persona and my cellphone (to snap a pic of a Belieber having an intense Justin moment seeing as these happen frequently) and I embarked on an investigative mission to find out what it is about Justin that has teenage female Beliebers in an obsessive craze. This is what I found.

1. Justin is physically attractive

Beliebers strongly believe that Justin is the hottest man alive.

They believe that he’s so hot that he could burn the sun with but one glance of his eye. Teen girls love everything about him, from his hair to his smile to the way he wears his jeans. I'm pretty sure that if they saw his pinky toes, they’d love them too and post them up as their Twitter and Facebook avatars.
2. Justin is the most perfect human being

Beliebers love Justin's character, and I don’t blame them because he has carried himself as a total gentleman who’s peaceful and loving in the media. His adoring female fans say that he portrays himself as a guy with a big heart who’s not superficial and who’s not a douchebag.

They love how he's fun-loving and how he respects his fans and interacts with them by replying to their tweets and taking pictures with them. It definitely sounds like teen girls see Justin as the perfect boyfriend who will shower them with flowers and compliments every single day and serenade them with his love songs. He’s the prince charming they’ve always been looking for.

3. Justin makes good music

Beliebers love Justin's music, and I'll be honest and say that the guy can sing and apart from being a pretty boy, he has real talent to back him up.

I actually like his Believe Acoustic album because you can hear his vocal abilities clearly, and his songs sound so much better and more meaningful when performed acoustically.

So yes Beliebers, love your boyfriend Justin to immense proportions because he’s the prince charming with a guitar and a voice that will melt all your cares away while rescuing you from the clutches of mundane living.
4. Justin currently has no competitor

The Biebs has the teen pop industry in the palm of his hands right now because he has no competitor.

There is no other heartthrob who can sing and dance while causing all teen girls to scream and weep like Justin at the moment, so he's pretty much the only heart-throb who’s grabbing all the attention and affection from teen girls.

And Justin is lapping it all up while having fun at the same time. Kudos to him!

5. Justin's hair is perfect

The first thing I noticed about Justin when he first burst onto the scene with his hit single Baby was his perfectly, silky side bang that covered his forehead like a cozy blanket in winter.

He slowly got rid of that haircut and has since replaced it with a voluminous spiky boyish haircut. His hair is always perfect and is never out of place.

He probably has the Zeus of hair on stand-by to rescue his hair when necessary and he probably washes and conditions his hair with extraterrestrial hair products to maintain the volume. His hair has a life of its own, and it too has a strong Belieber following.

From the gatherings of my investigation, I'm quite convinced that girls' love for Justin Bieber has superseded normality and is now bordering on extraterrestrial obsession.

Anyway, one is only young once, so these obsessions must be experienced now and laughed about later in life.         

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