Where to draw the line with tattoos

Erykah Badu recently had her concert in Malaysia cancelled because of it. Lady Gaga has seven of them. Mike Tyson’s artist is sued for millions because of it.

What is in a tattoo? A lot, it seems.

Tattoos have always been controversial. Generally, the commotion has always been caused by the message contained in the tattoo. It was no different for RnB/soul musician Eryka Badu.

According to Fox News:  "Badu had her concert cancelled by the Kuala Lumpur's Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry when a photo showing a tattoo of the Arabic word "Allah" written on Badu's upper body was published in the Malaysian newspaper The Star."

However, sometimes it is not only in the message that many find fault. In the case of boxing legend Mike Tyson, tattoos where a whole other (legal) matter with his ink-artist Victor Whitmill suing Warner Bros for copyright infringement.

Wired.com reported: "The tattooist who decorated boxer Mike Tyson’s face is suing Warner Bros on allegations the studio is misappropriating that tattoo in their movie, The Hangover Part II."

A Maori professor, Ngahuia Te Awekotuku from New Zealand threw a spanner in the works when he alleged that the artist did not have intellectual rights to the disputed drawing.

"The tattooist has an incredible arrogance to assume he has the intellectual right to claim the design form of an indigenous culture that is not his," he told Techdirt.com

The matter was settled earlier this year when Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose was seen spotting the same kind of tattoo.

The celebrity, who is famous for being famous, was recently seen partying up a storm with her new boyfriend, hip hop star Whiz Khalifa (himself a tattoo addict) with the skin art partially covered by sunglasses.

Tattoos are not just for showing off though. Lady Gaga has used her tattoos to let the world know the name of her new album.

wrote: "Her tattoo was revealed when she was walking through Los Angeles International Airport. On her left thigh the tattoo is of a unicorn with the words BORN THIS WAY wrapped around the unicorn's horn."

Many who draw tattoos on their bodies say they have them to show their freedom but it looks like, they too have their limits.