5 live concerts you can stream at home

Chris Martin. (PHOTO: Getty Images)
Chris Martin. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

The news cycle and everything happening in the world is essential to keep track of, but sometimes it can be really overwhelming.

Sometimes you need to escape and give yourself a little bit of an escape, or at least I do. And my favourite way to do that is through music. But it is an especially tough time for musicians the world over, as their bread and butter in a lot of ways, performing for large crowds is not possible right now.

So, some of them have turned to live digital concerts that fans can stream right now to try and bridge the gap that necessary social distancing creates. Thereby still doing the critical work of flattening the curve while still providing a means of escape and doing what they do best.

Some examples of artists doing this are John Legend, Pink, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and more who are taking to social media to deliver live performances to their fans.


1. Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay

One of the most famous singer-songwriters in the world – and recent Tiny Desk visitor - was among the first to kick off the trend, addressing followers from his home on Monday before launching into a 30-minute concert that included acoustic renditions of Coldplay favourites such as Trouble and A Sky Full of Stars. The musician then also performed a David Bowie cover.

During the concert said in part: "I thought what would be nice would be to check in with some of you out there and see how you're doing and where you are and what I can do for you. Had an idea that we could call this thing 'Together at Home.' And who knows — maybe tomorrow someone else will take it over."


2. John Legend

Chris then passed the torch to his musical friend and multiple award winner John Legend. Who managed to rope his wife, the ever-entertaining Chrissy Teigen into attending his concert at home."My friend Chris Martin did a lovely little concert from home today…" and he then decided to perform his own set.


3. Keith Urban

Then it was country star Urban's turn. He performed for his one and only audience member, wife Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman, who danced.

During the live performance, he said: "We thought we'll just set the stream up tonight, mostly because I was supposed to be playing tonight, and I just thought it would be nice to be able to play anyway, even though we can't be in front of all you guys tonight."


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4. Pink

Then there was Pink, who didn't perform for as long, but did offer a piano lesson. She did a rendition of Bob Dylan's Make You Feel My Love and posted the caption: " Free concert slash piano lessons from my heart to yours. To make you feel my love."


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5. Christine and the Queens

My personal favourite is Héloïse Adelaïde Letissier, professionally known as Christine and the Queens or simply Chris. This French singer and songwriter has decided that everyday, at a specified time they will perform live on Instagram. How great is that? A live daily concert you can watch from home.


Looking for something a little more local? Well it is coming. A live stream concert, featuring some of South Africa's top artists, will aim to bring relief to those who need it the most during this difficult time in which the world is now plunged. The Afrikaans Gaan Global concert series will take place on Saturday, 28 March, Saturday, April 4 and Saturday, 11 April and will be enjoyed by online audiences around the world.

"So many events have been cancelled, and there are few people who will not be affected by this pandemic. This is a wonderful initiative, and we as South African artists now have the opportunity to stand together and make a difference," said Kurt Darren.

Darren is one of the artists that will be part of this concert, and more artists will be announced soon.