Going to Rocking the Daisies? Then you have to read this!

(Photo: Maxim Bhm/Unsplash.com)
(Photo: Maxim Bhm/Unsplash.com)

Cape Town – Are your bags packed yet? If not, then you get better to it, as the time has finally come for Rocking the Daisies 2017.

Yes, the much-anticipated sold-out music festival is kicking off on Thursday at the Cloof Wine Estate just outside Darling.

And to make it all smooth sailing for you and your mates, we bring you all the things you should know before heading out.

Check them out here:

1) Gate opening times

If you pre-collected your wristband or are an Early Bird/Phase 1 ticket holder you will be allowed access into Rocking the Daisies from 08:00 on Thursday - those who haven't pre-collected will only be allowed in from 12:00. You can view the time schedule below. PLEASE NOTE: Nobody is allowed to stay overnight on Sunday and nobody may camp overnight on the Wednesday.

Thursday 5 October: 12:00 – 01:00 (from 08:00 for those who pre-collected and for Early Bird & Phase 1 ticket holders)
Friday 6 October: 07:00 - 01:00
Saturday 7 October: 07:00 - 01:00
Sunday October: 07:00 - 17:00

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2) You can Uber to Daisies

Daises has partnered up with Uber to provide you with reliable and affordable transport to the festival. A one-way trip from the Cape Town International Airport or Cape Town CBD to Darling will cost you only R750! What’s even better is you can use Uber’s app to split fares between you and your friends, making getting you to RTD this year even more affordable.

The Uber driver will pick you up straight from the location of your choice and drop you off right at the festival gates - and you can book one from Daisies back to where you need to go from the UberZone near the festival entrance. Click here to read the guidelines.

3) You need this to get into the festival

You need to bring your validated ticket and one of these three forms of ID: ID or passport or driver's license when you come to Rocking the Daisies 2017 - even if you've already pre-collected your wristband. Please make sure that the ID number on your ticket matches the one on your ID document. PLEASE NOTE: NO IDENTIFICATION AND TICKET = NO ENTRY. You can bring a temporary identification, only if you have a valid affidavit to accompany it. Please make sure to read this to get you up to speed.

4) The layout looks different

Eliav Vanunu, production and site manager for the Rocking the Daisies 2017, took a few minutes from his busy schedule to share some deets on this year’s event with Channel24. 

"The festival grounds will look different this year to previous years. We’re going to have four big stages (main stage, hip hop, electro and the beach stage) with a variety of pop-up entertainment that will change every few hours. It will be like small pockets of entertainment that will keep changing. The idea is that you will randomly bump into these experiences that you won’t even find on the festival map," says Eliav. Click to read the full article.

See the festival map here:

5) Shower hour

Due to the water crisis and restrictions in the Western Cape Daises is urging everyone going to the festival to be mindful of the water that they use and to keep their showers short (under 10 minutes). We will be enforcing shower hours across the festival (including Daisyland and those who have purchased Rocking WC's tickets), meaning that water to shower will only be available during the hours below: Friday - Saturday: 06h00 - 00h00; Sunday 06h00 - 14h00.