Did this fake pharmaceutical ad just reveal the title of Eminem's new album?

Cape Town -  Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg might have just dropped a huge clue about the title of Shady's upcoming album.

Paul posted a picture on Instagram holding up a CD of Yelawolf's new album, and captioned the photo: "Look what arrived at the Shady offices today! @Yelawolf TRIAL BY FIRE comes out this Friday 10/27! #cdbaby. (sic)"

Reddit sleuths were quick to notice the billboard for a product called "Revival" cleverly positioned in the background of the photo. What further caught their attention was the backward facing "E"  - that's been synonymous with Eminem for years.

Look what arrived at the Shady offices today! @Yelawolf TRIAL BY FIRE comes out this Friday 10/27! #cdbaby

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With the internet swiftly on the case the website and full ad for pharmaceutical drug "Revival" was soon discovered.


1. A disclaimer at the bottom of the landing page reads: "REVIVAL does not cause these side effects, but if you have them you should for sure seek medical attention, 'I need a doctor.'" 

A clear reference to Eminem and Dr. Dre's 2011 Grammy nominated song I Need a Doctor.

2. At the bottom of the page the manufacturer of the site is sited as "Popsomp Industries." Pomsomp is also the fictional rehab clinic created by Eminem to promote his 2009 album, Relapse.   

Eminem Revive Website

3. According to several online sources when you call the number listed on the website (1-833-243-8738), you hear I Need a Doctor played on a piano in the background. 

And an automated voice begins by saying, "Thank you for your interest in Revival, the No. 1 slightly invasive treatment for Atrox Rithimus. You only get one shot to beat AR."

A reference to the line "You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow," from the song Lose Yourself.

4. It was also uncovered that the ad was paid for by Eminem's label, Interscope

To see more possible hidden clues, watch the video below

(Photo: Screengrab taken from http://askaboutrevival.com/)