Die Antwoord references Oscar shooting in new music video

Die Antwoord. (YouTube)
Die Antwoord. (YouTube)

Cape Town – Zef rappers Die Antwoord dropped a brand new music video for their song Banana Brain on Wednesday.

And in true Die Antwoord style, the video contains twisted scenes of drug overdoses and penises.

But what might come as a surprise are all the references to the Oscar Pistorius court case.

See the references below:

1) The suburban house in a security complex looks very similar to the house where Oscar shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

2) Ninja shoots a traffic camera referencing the incident in which Oscar allegedly fired a shot at a traffic light. In the same scene a poster can be seen that says: "Reeva wil my nie in tronk hê." (Reeva doesn't want me in jail.)

3) Ninja can be seen throughout the video wearing the same prosthetic legs as Oscar.

4) Yo-Landi wears a blonde wig when she runs into the bathroom in one scene. Just as Reeva reportedly did on the night she was killed.

5) In another scene Yo-Landi locks herself in the bathroom and Ninja aims a laser gun at the bathroom door.

6) He then kicks down the bathroom door with his prosthetic legs.

Watch the full music video here: