DJ Khaled on his new single: 'It's definitely a gift from Nipsey (Hussle) to the world'

Cape Town – DJ Khaled has said the reaction to his latest album, Father of Asahd, has been "incredible". 

In an interview with Associated Press (in the video above) the musician also revealed his feelings on having the last official Nipsey Hussle verse and why Rihanna's moves in the fashion industry are "inspiring".

The DJ said: "It's been incredible. I've been taking it in for the last few days, and the response has been so amazing. Mission accomplished for me because when the people love it, you feel it and the love is felt worldwide. I feel it."

He added: "It's definitely a gift from Nipsey (Hussle) to the world and I'm blessed to be able to work with Nipsey Hussle - King Nipsey Hussle. 

"God blessed me to work with him. What I love about the record is that he loved the record. I love the record, and the record is called Higher and the message on the record is beautiful. It's gospel, it's special, and the marathon continues, long live Nip. When you hear the record, it continues for our brother Nipsey Hussle."