LISTEN: Locnville show softer side on new DJ Qness song with K.O

Locnville. (Photo: Dylan Louw)
Locnville. (Photo: Dylan Louw)

Johannesburg – DJ Qness has put together his biggest collaboration yet for the brand-new single Starry Sky.

The track features Locnville and K.O was released on Friday. 

The song is a slow burning ballad that builds into a catchy chorus that Locnville fans will love because it shows the boys’ softer side. 

In a statement to the press DJ Qness explained that Starry Sky is a song about "that ‘boy meets girl’ experience that we all have when you know it’s going to turn out to be something real fun,” and on working with two incredible artists, he adds “I wanted to work on a Deluxe version of my Art Of EDM album and the beat to Starry Sky was meant to be one of the songs I would add on that Deluxe, but it ended up being a song on which I featured Locnville and K.O. We thought the fusion was so good we decided to just release it as a stand-alone single and give it its own undivided attention.”



The Locnville twins, Andrew and Brian Chaplin, say they were very happy to jump on board: “Our management sent us this track a few months back, we really liked the feel of the beat. Qness has a really nice style. We came up with the track pretty quick after that. It took a while for everything to come together, things have been mad busy, but once it all came together it worked out really well. Having K.O hop on the track was an unexpected but perfect fit, it’s definitely something different for him.” 


K.O delivered the final parts to the song, bringing together the genre-crossing single. The rapper stepped out of his comfort zone and it paid off well. “Qness' team reached out to me with the track after Locnville recorded their vocals and from the moment I heard it I knew I wanted to be a part of it. It was something that was definitely out of my traditional comfort zone but it came so naturally and I got into studio to record my verse, and the result was the smash that is Starry Sky. “