Shake off that lawsuit (again): Taylor Swift's rep insists she will overcome the latest twist in copyright saga

Taylor Swift (Photo: Getty/Gallo Images)
Taylor Swift (Photo: Getty/Gallo Images)

Cape Town - Taylor Swift's team is apparently confident she'll once again triumph in the revived copyright lawsuit over her hit song Shake It Off.

It all started back in 2017 when Sean Hall and Nathan Butler sued Taylor, claiming her 2014 track lifted lyrics from their 2001 song for 3LW, Playas Gon’ Play.

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The lawsuit was based around the phrases: "playas gonna play" and "haters gonna hate," which feature in both songs. However, a US court judge dismissed the case in February 2018.

Now in the latest twist on Monday, an appeals court revived the suit and sent it back to a US District Court.

According to Rolling Stone, in a statement to the press, Sean Hall praised the decision, saying, "We are happy the court unanimously sided with us."

He added: "This case is giving voice to all of those creatives who can’t afford to stand up and protect their work in the face of well-financed Goliaths."

In response, a rep for Taylor told the press: "Mr. Hall is incorrect, the court did not unanimously side in their favour, the court sent the case back to the lower court for further determination. These men are not the originators, or creators, of the common phrases 'Players' or 'Haters' or combinations of them. They did not invent these common phrases nor are they the first to use them in a song. We are confident the true writers of Shake It Off will prevail again. Their claim is not a crusade for all creatives, it is a crusade for Mr. Hall’s bank account."

Compiled by Alex Isaacs. (Sources: Rolling Stone, Cover Media, Channel24)

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