Unstoppable Zonke brings the emotions

Johannesburg - At an exclusive listening at the grand Emoyeni Estate in Parktown, beatmaker, singer, songwriter and producer Zonke revealed her fifth album, titled L.O.V.E.

And yes, we love it.

To celebrate, Zonke’s family, close friends and the media were treated to a warm breakfast and cheeky bubbly while we listened to the nine tracks on the album, which tell intimate and uplifting stories of love and relationships.

Her opening track, Ndilimpondo, roots her in her clan identity and introduces an album that is a personal affair beginning with self-love. The only collaboration is with hip-hop star Kwesta and is called Soul To Keep.

For Zonke, L.O.V.E stands for “living out various emotions”, happier ones this time because she’s tired of writing about loss and grief.

“There are mid-tempo songs that make you bump your head a little bit and traditional slow jams that kind of go straight for the heart, and I did that on purpose,” she told City Press.

We also caught up with her family, who have played a significant role in her journey as an artist.

Her brother, Zuko Lincks, said: “She’s had both highs and lows, and she has embraced it and we can see that. She’s constantly in beast mode and she’s unstoppable.”

Also at breakfast was the light of Zonke’s life, her daughter Milani, who turned 15 on the day.

“She doesn’t go to the studio every day so I get to spend time with her because she only releases an album every four years,” said the teen, who looked stylish dressed all in black.

Zonke shared her admiration for Sade with guests: “Everything I have ever wanted to be is embodied in her; this quiet woman who hardly ever says anything but lets her art do the talking.”

We asked when we will see her perform the L.O.V.E album: “From the end of the month people can expect to see Zonke live and on tour.