WATCH: Idris Elba shows off his rapping skills in D'banj's music video!

Cape Town - We've known for a while that Idris Elba is not only an actor but also a talented musician #DJDriis. 

Well, we found him teaming up with the 'Kokomaster' himself, D'banj in a song called Confidential

Idris shows off his rapping skills with the Nigerian super-star and both are looking oh so dapper in this black and white music video.

Idris rocks a classic tailored suit topped with a bowler hat while showing off his cool and sexy dance moves.

(Sceengrabs:D'banj records_YouTube)

This just proves no matter what Idris does, he is always a cool and dapper dude #JamesBondWho?

Watch the music video below: