WATCH: Solange is naked and covered in gold body paint

Solange Knowles. (Screengrab: YouTube/Solange Knowles)
Solange Knowles. (Screengrab: YouTube/Solange Knowles)

Cape Town – Solange Knowles released not one, but two new videos this week.

The releases come after she dropped her third album, titled A Seat at the Table, last week Friday.

Directed by Solange and her husband Alan Ferguson, the first video for Cranes in the Sky feature the songstress striking numerous poses including one where she is completely naked and covered in gold body paint.

The second video is for her song, Don’t Touch My Hair, and also feature the star n powerful poses with aesthetically pleasing visuals.

On Solange’s website, the two videos are described as "a musical representation of the spirit within an unapologetically Black woman who is not interested in remaining silent in a critical time of identity, empowerment, grief, healing and self-expression – let alone, artistic expression".

Watch the videos below: