Go, go national ranger

This week, runner-up at this year’s Miss SA pageant Adé van Heerden revealed two of the pageant costumes she will wear to the Miss World competition, which takes place in China on November 18. Rhodé Marshall shares some social-media responses about the controversial Rainbow Nation Power Rangers costume and what could have worked

In a world filled with atrocious fashions and beauty pageants, these will be conquered by one sartorial queen who reigns supreme – Adé van Heerden, South Africa’s very own Rainbow Nation Power Ranger!

Jokes aside, this week she revealed the pageant costumes she will wear to the upcoming Miss World competition.

It was her national costume that had everyone shocked and confused, especially on social media, saying this outfit was anything but a representation of South African culture.

You can ask her yourself and find out whether she is able to give an authentic answer about the clothes that will adorn her on the night she represents the country.

Matome Seshoka of Antherline Couture, who designed the costume, hit back at his critics, saying: “My team and I were inspired by Ndebele people, who have an extraordinary culture and authenticity.

“They are the most colourful tribe and truly South African. We fused this with a bit of Zulu culture to give the national costume a modern and young feel.

“The colours of our national flag give it a proudly South African look.

“We included a cape because this represents power and strength, and is usually worn by Zulu queens,” he said.

Well, it’s safe to say that NONE of that was achieved.

Now this is what you call a true representation of our diversity. Designer Rina Chunga, the founder of Rich Factory, made this beautiful gown for her wedding day. ‘My vision for my dress was African royalty, elegance and fun. It is structural but whimsical.’

Nomzamo Mbatha turned heads earlier this year at the BET awards in the US in this Rich Factory-designed African couture dress. This very dress was mentioned multiple times as an example of what would have been a far better national costume to wear at Miss World