Here's what happened after a man was shot with a crossbow at The National Arts Festival

Makhanda - National Arts Festival CEO Tony Lankester explained exactly what happened after magician Li Lau was shot with a crossbow live onstage.

Tony was speaking at a media briefing on Monday, 1 July, the day after the accident. 

In the video above the CEO explained that 5 ambulances arrived to take Li Lau to the hospital and that Brendon Peel was also treated for shock.  

The show, performed by the two men involved in the accident, will go on with safety mechanisms in place that were not specifically mentioned.

In a statement released by Magic.Africa the performers wanted to make it clear that "the escape was performed while the crossbow was held by an apparatus and fired by a mechanically-timed trigger. At the time the crossbow was fired, it was not held by either performer."

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*This article was updated to reflect the latest information made available