Man shot in the head with a crossbow at National Arts Festival makes full recovery

UPDATE: Here's what happened after a man was shot with a crossbow at The National Arts Festival

Makhanda – National Arts Festival performer Li Lau was injured in the head with a shot from a crossbow during an illusion being performed live onstage. 

The performance took place on Saturday, 30 June and festival CEO Tony Lankester said in a statement released to the press: "An accident occurred during the performance of a magic show at the National Arts Festival this afternoon. During the show, Carnival Sideshow and Other Magical Things, performer Li Lau was injured by a crossbow during an illusion being performed by Brendon Peel."

Tony – who also acts as spokesperson for the annual event which is taking place until 7 July – added: "As soon as the accident occurred, the audience was evacuated and shortly thereafter an ambulance was on the scene. Mr Lau was taken to Settlers Hospital, where he has received treatment. We are informed that the crossbow did not penetrate his skull, and Mr Lau is fully conscious."

In a statement by Magic.Africa the performers wanted to make it clear that "the escape was performed while the crossbow was held by an apparatus and fired by a mechanically-timed trigger. At the time the crossbow was fired, it was not held by either performer."

Li Lau then added, in the above video that he is "one hundred per cent" and added that his show with the magician who mistakenly shot him will go on. 

Li Lau and Brendon Peel have performed together for some time all over The Eastern Cape and have reached notary with their magical act.

*This article was updated to reflect the latest information made available